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Brody tells me that the Rocky movies are the best, and that I would love them, I would cry at the end and that it would be great. I have tried to watch them a few times, never successfully watching them all the way through. This is how they seem to me:

Open with punching, sweating and jumping around.
“I gotta fight him.” – Rocky
“You don’t gotta fight him” – wife
“He’s gotta fight him” – random person, or coach or someone.

More boxing, punching, running, and really sweaty people. At this point, I am off in my own head trying to figure out if it’s baby oil that they use to make people look that sweaty? Then do they spray them with water to make it look drippy? Shouting draws me back into the movie, when everyone talks about why he should or shouldn’t fight him, and then I fall asleep.

So, the thing is, I believe that these are good movies, because Brody has good taste in movies. He knows me, and he knows what I would or wouldn’t like in a movie. I told him we’ll have to have a Rocky marathon, and I’m determined to not loose attention after the awesome James Brown dance scene next time, and to try to get into the movie, and find out why these movies are classics.

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  1. Larissa Says:

    That’s so funny!! Let us know if you like them after your marathon…. :)

  2. SportLife » Rocky? Says:

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  3. Lori Says:

    HA!!!!!!!!! Rudy used to have all of the Rocky movies on VHS when we were dating. He tried to convince me of the same thing and I just couldn’t get into them either. I can’t stop making jokes about Stalone’s accent and the bad lines….
    I suppose it is a gender thing. Kinda like the way I LOVE Steel Magnolia’s and Rudy thinks I’m nuts.

  4. Christopher Says:


    Your Rocky marathon should end with Rocky.

    Sorry Brody but after the first one they all go downhill.

    If you want a great marathon movie day try the Ernest Goes To… series. That Jim Varney is a card.

  5. Kelly (race_12_1) Says:

    Rocky movies are classic! They are a classic example of “I will overcome, regardless of my circumstance! and regardless of what others tell me!” It is true, that they are in part about “beating someone up” but that is not the core story. They are about inner strength and determination overcoming circumstance, lesser means, and others opinions on the matter. Classics.

  6. gene Says:

    ok, Rocky 1 and 6 are just amazing.

    though, to be fair, they aren’t named 1 and 6, but Rocky and Rocky Balboa are really well made, well acted and have decent plots.

    2-5 are a little different. i mean, like all great American Classics, they go a little over-the-top from time to time, but still quite enjoyable, just on a lesser level.

    but, here’s the thing, Rocky 6 isn’t nearly as touching if you don’t go for the ride with them from 1-5, you know?

    at least watch the first and the last…i think you’ll be impressed.

  7. Josh Wax Says:

    normally anything Brody says, I’ll go along with. I’ve never actually seen a Rocky though. Don’t see myself caring for them.

  8. Joe Grant Says:

    Never a classic in my book. I saw the first one in the movie theater when I was young and it was a waste then. I guess that there will be a Rocky 7 – Adrienne shops for depends undergarments for Rocky. Two thumbs down for me. Sorry Brody…

  9. Barb Says:

    Honestly, I always have loved them. Rocky 1, I saw pregnant with Erin 3 times. Love the Siberian one also.

  10. mike jones Says:

    You know the 1st Rocky won Oscars for both best movie and best screenplay in I think 1976.

  11. Lisa Says:

    I barely remember watching one or two with my brother when I was in highschool. They obviously didn’t impact my life drastically, as I really can’t remember. They don’t seem like movie I could get into at all. Then again, I have horrible taste in movies so…

  12. Rowan Says:

    I’ve seen Rocky 1-3. The thing that impressed me most about Rocky I is that STALLONE WROTE IT! Not the greatest piece of cinema I’ve seen, but worth a gander and time with your hubs. I figure if you give it a try he’s gotta try some chick flick you think he will enjoy. :) +

  13. Luke Mundy Says:

    I recently watched the first 4 Rocky movies and I’ve got to admit… they were pretty good. I wasn’t expecting much, but I enjoyed them!

  14. Melody Milbrandt Says:

    Oh! You have gotta watch them. Brody is right. I just ran my first race not that long ago and guess what they played right before the countdown at the start line… “The Eye of the Tiger!” So great! I even posted on it. :) I love all sorts of movies and music and that includes “The Rockys.” Gotta go w/ the hubby on this one.

  15. Allison Says:

    I think everyone should see the first one once. Just once.

  16. Gillian Says:

    ignore the fighting, watch the love story. :) my ex was a huge fan of rocky. one year we spent an extended vacation visiting our folks back in philly he drove around until he found the very house that rocky and adrian moved into in the second movie…

    n e ways. i’m not big on boxing and whatnot, but i really like the “overcoming the odds” and the love story between rocky and adrian. u won’t regret watching them (at least the first two) once you’ve done it.

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